the kingdom of god

Life After Entering The Kingdom Of God

The key is you must be born again, you are not from your mother and father, you are from God. If you were from your mother and father they would not have aborted you, if you were of your mother and father they would not have thrown you away.

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God Is Love:

Everything that God does comes out of what God is and God is Love. Human love does not even come close I say this to say if I or any person say that they are a child of God, then there would have to be a demonstration of love also in that person because the Holy Spirit of God would also be in that person so if there is no love there you can be sure there is no God there. So children of God we are responsible for telling the truth and if someone is offended by the truth then so be it. It is the truth you believe that set you free.

You have the power over your life. Let us help you make it your own.

You have the power to choose the type of life you want to live. You aren’t a victim of bad circumstances, bad luck, or a bad childhood. Instead, You can take control and create whatever type of life you want. You can’t control everything in life but you certainly do control your behavior. You can control how you react to setbacks and how you choose to spend your time. Take a look at your daily habits and how they impact your life. Bad habits such as spending too much time watching TV, drinking too much alcohol, or spending too much money can hold you back from reaching your full potential. Create healthy habits and accept responsibility for your behavior and you’ll see positive changes in your life.

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I’m a big fan of the down-to-earth information presented by Godspodcast . If you apply the tips, you can’t help but become a better marketer.


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I’m hooked. Thank you Carolyn. Your podcast has given me the courage to run my business and my life with focus and drive, prioritizing what is important for me. Samantha,

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I appreciate the variety of speakers and topics and especially the length of the podcast — short, sweet and to the point. A highlight of my morning commute, I am making my way through the episodes! Thank you! Chad,